Public Programs

For almost three decades, Whitehead Institute has maintained a steadfast commitment to science education and outreach by offering programs meant to enhance science teaching and learning for the entire community.

With a variety of programs ranging in scope from lectures and workshops for teachers and students to special events for non-scientists, Whitehead Institute offers its participants first-hand exposure to state-of-the-art research.

For more information about Whitehead Institute's education and community outreach offerings, please contact Amy Tremblay at

Seminar Series for High School Teachers

This monthly program provides educators an opportunity to explore topics at the forefront of biomedical research. The series begins in October and lectures are held the first Monday of every month through June. Registration is required.

Spring Lecture Series for High School Students

This program exposes students to cutting-edge topics in biomedical research. The three-day program, held during the public school spring vacation week, features lectures from leading scientific experts, hands-on laboratory demonstrations, visits to local biotechnology companies, and interactions with young Whitehead scientists.

Expedition: Bio – A summer science program for middle school students

Delve into the amazing biology that thrives in the world around us during a two-week, fully immersive experience where curiosity meets real world science. Through hands-on activities both inside and outside the classroom, interactive laboratory modules, and discussions with scientists, rising 7th and 8th grade middle school students will learn how methods from the fields of ecology, genetics, chemistry, and bioengineering are used to answer some of the most challenging questions in the life sciences today—and have an awful lot of fun doing it!

Whitehead Connects

Featuring prominent leaders in the field of biomedical research, this speaker series engages the broader Whitehead Institute, MIT, and Kendall Square communities with timely discussions of developments in venture capital funding, biomedical research advances, and issues affecting biotech start-ups. For more information about Whitehead Connects, please contact Susan Korsmeyer at

Teachers examining a Petri dish's contents

Students working in the FACS facility

High school teachers examine planarians as they swim in a Petri dish (top). High school student program participants visiting Whitehead's Fluorescence Activated Cell Scanning (FACS) Facility learn how to sort individual cells with specific traits from a larger, heterogeneous population (bottom).

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