Immigration and visas

Human Resources handles immigration and visas.

Safety training

Whitehead scientists receive safety training during orientation.


Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates are appointed to conduct research projects in fulfillment of their postdoctoral training. Members of the postdoctoral staff may be appointed as fellows (whose support comes from an outside funding source) or associates (whose support comes from a grant or other source of Whitehead funds).

To maintain its excellence in science, Whitehead Institute provides a highly competitive salary/stipend.

Each year the compensation schedule for Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates will be reviewed and revised as appropriate, in consultation with the faculty.

The rates for Postdoctoral Fellows and Associates are as follows:

Years of Postdoc Experience

Postdoc Pay Scales Effective July 1, 2019

0-1 year:


1-2 years:


2-3 years:


3+ years:


Although stipends for postdoctoral fellows are governed by the funding agency providing the fellowship, the fellowship stipend will be supplemented up to the Whitehead established rates if allowable under the terms of the fellowship.

Reappointments and Reviews

Postdoctoral Associates and Fellows are reviewed annually on the anniversary of their date of hire as a postdoc at Whitehead and will receive their increase on this date.

Supplements, which are provided to bring fellowship support up to the Whitehead compensation level, will be reviewed on the postdoc salary review date to ensure that the stipend/supplement combination matches the current Whitehead compensation level.

General Tax Information for Postdoctoral Scholars

Due to legal restrictions on our capacity to advise you about tax liabilities, neither the Human Resources office nor other offices within Whitehead Institute are able to answer individual questions regarding your tax situation.

All taxpayers must file a tax “return” (form) each year with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the United States government agency which handles federal taxes, and may also be required to file with the state tax agencies. The United States tax system is based on a system of self-assessment. Therefore, it is the individual’s responsibility to understand the tax requirements.

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