Most postdocs live close to the Whitehead Institute. They  take public transportation, walk, or bike to work. The most popular areas to live in are Somerville and Cambridge.

MIT's Off-Campus Housing Office

This office has listings of temporary housing, realtors, and additional resources, as well as a guide to neighborhoods and the rental housing market. Online listings require an MIT web site certificate for access, so postdocs can only access the listings at the Housing Office (E32-214).



Health and Fitness

MIT Medical

MIT Athletic Department and Facilities

Show Whitehead ID to get reduced membership to campus facilities.

MIT Athletic and Sports Clubs



Bike Permits

Whitehead requires that everyone who parks their bicycles either at the rack in front of the building or in the basement garage have a bicycle permit.

T-Pass and Parking information

There are buses running between the MIT campus, the Harvard campus and the Longwood Campus across the river.

Bus and transportation information is available at:

Longwood Medical Shuttle


Tech Shuttle




Other Useful Links

MIT Activities Committee (MITAC)

MITAC provides discounted tickets to movies, theaters, athletic events and special trips. Show Whitehead ID to get discounted tickets.

MIT Credit Union

The MIT Credit Union offers checking, savings programs and loans.

MIT Libraries

Access to libraries simply by showing Whitehead ID. You can also request materials through Whitehead's library.

Culture and Language Groups

Great place for newcomers to meet people from all countries.

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