Whitehead Institute's Postdocs

Postdocs are a vital and integral part of Whitehead Institute's research. Here are a few profiles that give a glimpse into the lives and work of those scientists.


Postdoc Namita Bisaria
Namita Bisaria
Bartel Lab

Postdoc Ashley Bonneau
Ashley Bonneau
Reddien Lab

Postdoc Lukas Chmatal

Lukas Chmatal
Page Lab

Postdoctoral researcher Anushka Dongre

Anushka Dongre
Weinberg Lab

Postdoc Michael Gallagher
Michael Gallagher
Jaenisch and Young Labs

Postdoc Whitney Henry
Whitney Henry
Weinberg Lab

Postdoc Roland Kersten
Roland Kersten
Weng Lab

Postdoc Isaac Klein
Isaac Klein
Young Lab

Postdoc Nora Kory
Nora Kory
Sabatini Lab

Postdoc Shawn Liu
Shawn Liu
Jaenisch Lab

Postdoc Ally Nguyen
Ally Nguyen
Cheeseman Lab

Postdoc Rebecca Povilus
Rebecca Povilus
Gehring Lab

Postdoc Tomáš Pluskal
Tomáš Pluskal
Weng Lab

Postdoc Satyaki Rajavasireddy
Satyaki Rajavasireddy 
Gehring Lab

Postdoc Adrianna San Roman
Adrianna San Roman
Page Lab

Postdoc Jay Thangappan
Jay Thangappan
Rouskin Lab

Postdoc Danielle Tomasello
Xin Tang
Jaenisch Lab

Postdoc Kehui “Coffee” Xiang
Kehui “Coffee” Xiang
Bartel Lab

Postdoc Danielle Tomasello
Danielle Tomasello 
Sive Lab


Former Postdocs

Postdoc Brian Abraham
Brian Abraham
Formerly in the Young Lab

Monther Abu-Remaileh
Formerly in the Sabatini Lab

Postdoc Leah Bury
Leah Bury
Formerly in the Cheeseman Lab

Postdoc Diego Huet
Diego Huet
Formerly in the Lourido Lab

Postdoc Boryana Petrova
Boryana Petrova
Formerly in the Lourido Lab

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