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Whitehead Founding Director David BaltimoreDavid Baltimore
Founding Director (1982-1990)

Identifying the key transcription factor NF-κB , developing a transgenic mouse line that modeled fatal leukemia, determining that RAG-1 and RAG-2 rearrange immunoglobulin genes, which increases the specificity the immune system has toward an antigen, and identifing the fusion protein bcr-abl that can ultimately cause chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) and is deactivated by the anticancer drug Imatinib (Gleevec)

President Emeritus and Robert Andrews Millikan Professor of Biology,
California Institute of Technology

Former Whitehead Member Jamie CateJamie Cate
Associate Member (1999-2001)

Worked to determine the structural basis of translation by the ribosome, how the genetic code in mRNA is translated into proteins

Professor, Departments of Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology,
University of California, Berkeley

Former Whitehead Member Andrew ChessAndrew Chess  

Explored olfaction in mice and Drosophila, specifically how each olfactory neuron expresses one of a thousand possible receptor genes

Professor of Genetics and Genomic Sciences; Cell, Developmental & Regenerative Biology; and  Neuroscience, Icahn School of Medicine

Former Whitehead Member Peter KimPeter S. Kim
Whitehead Fellow (1985-1988)
Associate Member (1988-1992)
Member (1992-2001)

Investigated the mechanism of protein folding, studied the specificity of coiled-coil interactions, as well as viral membrane fusion and its inhibition

Virginia & D.K. Ludwig Professor of Biochemistry,
Stanford University

Former Whitehead Member Hee-Sup ShinHee-Sup Shin 
Associate Member (1985-1991)
The genetics of the T-complex in the mouse and the molecular and cellular neuroscience of behavior

Director, Center for Cognition and Sociality
Institute for Basic Science (IBS),
Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Whitehead Institute Member Susan LindquistSusan L. Lindquist
Director (2001–2004)
Member (2001-2016)

Investigated how prions can pass inherited information from one generation to the next and studied proteins that misfold and aggregate, particularly those associated with neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's 

Passed away October 27, 2016

Was Whitehead Institute Member
Professor of Biology, MIT
Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator

Former Whitehead Member Paul MatsudairaPaul T. Matsudaira
Member (1985-2008)

Studied the structure, function, and mechanics of actin bundles, developed microanalytical methods for the analysis of protein and DNA, and established the light and electron microscopy core facilities

Distinguished Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
Director, Centre for BioImaging Sciences
Member, MechanoBiology Institute,
National University of Singapore

Former Whitehead Member Richard C. MulliganRichard C. Mulligan 
Member (1983-1996)

Mallinckrodt Professor of Genetics, Emeritus, at Harvard Medical School

Former Whitehead Member Terry Orr-WeaverTerry Orr-Weaver
Member (1987-2019)

Investigated the processes controlling cell division and cell size during development

Professor Emerita, MIT
American Cancer Society Research Professor

Whitehead Institute Former Member Hidde PloeghHidde L. Ploegh
Member (2005-2016)

Studied the various tactics that viruses employ to evade our immune responses, and the ways in which our immune system - both innate and adaptive - distinguishes friend from foe. His findings have illuminated not only host-pathogen interactions, but also aspects of protein quality control.

Senior Investigator, Boston Children’s Hospital
Member of the Faculty, Harvard Medical School

Former Whitehead Member Ilaria Rebay
Ilaria Rebay
Associate Member (1997-2004)

Investigated how cells integrate complex messages from their environment, using eye development in fruit flies as a model system

Professor, Ben May Department for Cancer Research,
University of Chicago

Former Whitehead Member Donald C. RioDonald C. Rio 
Associate Member (1987-1992)

Transposable elements and alternative pre-mRNA splicing in Drosophila

Co-chair, Department of Molecular and Cell Biology,
University of California, Berkeley

Eric Lander
Member (1986-2003) 

Lander was one of the principal leaders of the international Human Genome Project from 1990 to 2003.

Professor of Biology at MIT and Professor of Systems Biology at Harvard Medical School

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