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Spring 2015


Hunting Hofstenia

Two intrepid scientists and one elusive flatworm introduce a new model organism to the field of regenerative biology


How a breakthrough approach to genome editing is transforming research globally…and locally

Research News

Blocking a Fork in the Road to DNA Replication

The surprising manner in which an enigmatic protein known as SUUR acts to control gene copy number during DNA replication

Scientists Develop Novel Approach to Boost Biofuel Production

New research offering an improved understanding of the defects found in the neurons of Rett syndrome patients could lead to novel therapies for the disease

Engineered Red Blood Cells Could Carry Precious Therapeutic Cargo

Genetically and enzymatically modified red blood cells could deliver a range of valuable payloads—from drugs, to vaccines, to imaging agents—to specific sites throughout the body

Faithful Cell Division Requires Tightly Controlled Protein Placement at the Centromeres

Multiple copies of a pivotal protein known as CENP-A at the centromere are essential for accurate chromosome segregation

Scientists Find Potential Target for Treating Mitochondrial Disorders

Cells with mutations that inactivate the gene ATPIF1 are protected against loss of mitochondrial function

A Protein-Production Tale of the Tape: Separating Poly(A)-Tail Length from Translational Efficiency

In a surprise, poly(A)-tail length does not impact translation in cells that have matured beyond the gastrulation stage of embryonic development


Whitehead Fellows come and go, and a young Member snags yet another prestigious honor

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