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Spring 2014


An Improbable Circle of Life

Whitehead Founding Member Harvey Lodish could never have foreseen the role his work would one day play in ensuring a healthy, happy life for his grandson

From Russia with Vision…From Cambridge with Science

A multi-institutional stem cell research center is at the heart of an effort to revolutionize Russia’s science education and technology development

Research News

Gene Responsible for Hereditary Cancer Syndrome Found to Disrupt Critical Growth-Regulating Pathway

The mutation associated with Birt-Hogg-Dubé cancer syndrome also prevents activation of mTORC1, a critical nutrient-sensing and growth-mediating cellular pathway

Rett Syndrome Gene Dysfunction Redefined

New research offering an improved understanding of the defects found in the neurons of Rett syndrome patients could lead to novel therapies for the disease

Bearing Witness to the Phenomenon of Symmetric Cell Division

Scientists get an up-close view of how human cells manage to divide into two equally-sized daughter cells during mitosis

Scientists Identify Potential Drug Target for Treatment-Resistant Anemias

Protein normally targeted by glucocorticoids could be manipulated to boost production of red blood cells

In Regenerating Planarians, Muscle Cells Provide More Than Heavy Lifting

Muscle cells in the planarian body wall play a surprising role in tissue regeneration

New Models Advance the Study of Deadly Human Prion Diseases

Direct manipulation of the prion protein-coding gene creates mouse models of two fatal neurodegenerative diseases


The Institute welcomes its newest Member, and middle school students immerse in a summer of science

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