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Spring 2013


Woolly Wonders: A Group of Unsuspecting Alpacas May Hold the Key to Unlocking a Host of Cellular Secrets

The lab of Whitehead Member Hidde Ploegh is exploiting the unique structure of camelid antibodies to build a research platform for exploring protein-protein interactions inside cells

Having a BLAST: Whitehead Helps Teachers Bring Bioinformatics to their Biology Students

To make sense of the enormous datasets produced by today’s scientific experiments, students and teachers will need to embrace bioinformatics sooner rather than later

The End of Anonymity? An Enterprising Whitehead Fellow Exposes New Vulnerabilities in the Security of Personal Genetic Information

Participants in genomics studies have their identities discovered by researchers armed only with an Internet connection and publicly available online resources

Research News

Nutrient-sensing Enzymes Key to Starvation Response and Survival in Newborn Mammals

An enzyme family referred to as Rag GTPases plays a regulatory role in the release of energy from the process known as autophagy

Study Reveals Rate at Which Key Genetic Deletions Contribute to Male Infertility

Two spontaneously recurring deletions along a complex region of the Y chromosome are responsible for approximately 8% of cases of failed sperm production

Scientists Create Germ Cell-supporting Embryonic Sertoli-like Cells From Skin Cells

An alternative source of these cells independent of donor testis cells is of paramount interest both for basic research and clinical applications

A Mitosis Mystery Solved: How Chromosomes Align Perfectly in a Dividing Cell

In a cell undergoing mitotic cell division, what internal signals cause its chromosomes to align on a center axis?

Protein Found to Regulate Red Blood Cell Size and Number

The protein cyclin D3 controls the number of cell divisions among red blood cell progenitors

Structure of RNAi Complex Now Crystal Clear

Describing the molecular structure of a eukaryotic Argonaute protein has been a goal of the RNAi field for close to a decade

Fishing for Answers to Autism Puzzle

Genes known to be either missing or duplicated in about 1 percent of autistic patients produce brain abnormalities when deleted in zebrafish embryos


Two new Fellows arrive, a young Member is honored, and a Founding Member is elected to a prominent national post

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