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FALL 2010


UROP-ean Adventures

How a popular undergraduate research program is building better scientists

New Growth Opportunities

A collaboration in bioengineering brings stem cell cultivation to the (synthetic) surface

Research News

Reprogrammed Human Blood Cells Show Promise for Disease Research

For the first time, cells from blood samples drawn in the clinic have been used to create induced pluripotent stem cells

"Relaxation” a Critical Step in Vertebrate Brain Development

Whitehead scientists reveal that a precisely timed reduction in rigidity of a key cellular sheet is essential for proper structural formation of the vertebrate brain

A Different Tune: Cellular IPOD Plays Role in Prion Biology

Researchers discover a cellular compartment where prions may be sequestered until they reach a more mature, transmissible state

New Model Tracks the Immune Response to a “T”

Genetically modified mice allow for unprecedented study of the immune system’s reaction to specific pathogens

Surprise in Genome Structure Linked to Developmental Diseases

A newly discovered mechanism plays a pivotal role in gene transcription, cell-state maintenance, and, when errant, cellular dysfunction

RNA Snippets Control Protein Production by Disabling mRNAs

A comprehensive study of the actions of microRNAs lends new insight into their regulatory effects


Whitehead welcomes two new Members and a Fellow and bids a fond farewell to three other Fellows

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