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FALL 2009


Doctors in the House

A number of Whitehead scientists bring unique perspective to their research by virtue of their formal medical training. These MD/PhDs, many of whom currently practice in the clinic, feel their experiences in medicine help put their Whitehead projects in broader context


A team of Whitehead and MIT scientists bridges the disciplines of biology and computer software development to create a tool now helping researchers across the globe predict the mysterious ways of microRNAs

Research News

MicroRNA Found to Hamper Activity of Tumor Suppressor Gene

The first report of a microRNA taking direct aim at a critical cancer-related pathway

Cell Pathway Regulates Tumor Response to Caloric Restriction

Study brings new clarity to why certain tumors are inhibited during low-calorie conditions while others grow in unimpeded fashion

Protein Complex Plays Catchy Number During Cell Division

Whitehead researchers identify a key player in cells’ quest for successful chromosomal separation

Research Points to Possible Treatment for Rett Syndrome

Daily injections of a protein treats a mouse model of the devastating neurological disease

Single Gene Mutation Can Cause Transmissible Prion Disease

One change in the prion protein, PrP, is enough to cause a neurodegenerative disease and subsequent prion infectivity

MicroRNA’s Cellular Level May Predict Breast Cancer Metastasis

Low levels of miR-31 appear to promote the spread of disease in mouse models of human breast cancer


The latest honors for Whitehead’s youngest faculty members, and two Fellows leave the Institute on wildly divergent paths

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