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Parasite research heats up

July 5, 2020

Whitehead Institute researchers have used thermal profiling to match a potential antiparasitic drug to its target in Toxoplasma gondii, providing insight into the parasite’s calcium signaling pathways that could help in the development of therapeutics to treat infection.

Whitehead Institute Welcomes Ruth Lehmann as its Fifth Director

July 1, 2020

Whitehead Institute is delighted to welcome world-renowned developmental and cell biologist Ruth Lehmann to Whitehead Institute as its new director.  Here is a version of the letter she shared with the Institute earlier today. To read more about her research and leadership prior to coming to Whitehead Institute, please visit her page here. 

Two Whitehead Institute Members Named to Endowed Professorships

June 26, 2020

Mary Gehring and Iain Cheeseman are recipients of named chairs 

These muscle cells are guideposts to help regenerative flatworms grow back their eyes

June 25, 2020

A new study from Peter Reddien's Lab at Whitehead Institute is a step forward in understanding how neural circuits could be regenerated in adults

Discovery of how cancer drugs find their targets could lead to a new toolset for drug development

June 18, 2020

Researchers in Richard Young’s lab at Whitehead Institute and collaborators have discovered how certain cancer therapeutics concentrate within cells -- a finding that could change the way scientists think about drug design.

Head and shoulders shot of Shalini Gupta with the BioGenesis logo

BioGenesis Podcast: Shalini Gupta of the Bell lab on crafting her own grad school experience

June 11, 2020

on making a difference in the community while studying DNA replication

Jing-Ke Weng stands in a lab.

Audiohelicase podcast: Treatments for COVID-19 taking root in plant science

June 8, 2020

Whitehead Institute Member Jing-Ke Weng on the role of plant biology in stopping the pandemic

Research highlights title screen

Video: Spring 2020 Research Highlights from Whitehead Institute

June 8, 2020

How viral RNA flexes to express different genes, a new model for studying human cancers in mice, and more: learn about the latest findings from Whitehead Institute researchers in this Research Highlights video.


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