The Whitehead Institute philosophy is that whatever is the most effective way of getting the science done is the way it should be done. The goal is to remove barriers to good science.”

Michael Gallagher, postdoc in the labs of Whitehead Institute Founding Member Rudolf Jaenisch and Whitehead Institute Member Richard Young

At Whitehead Institute, scientists, administration, and support staff work together to push the boundaries of developmental biology forward. Gatherings, such as weekly coffee hours and the annual scientific retreat, increase the cross-pollenation of ideas from scientists working in disparate labs. When paired with Whitehead Institute's unsurpassed supportive environment, the results are breathtaking: Together, we are gaining insights into how tissues regenerate and organize, how the physical structure of DNA affects drugs' effectiveness, and how to identify medicinal compounds in understudied plant species.


Rewards and Recognition

Whitehead Institute's Rewards and Recognition program highlights the excellence that exist in all areas and job functions across the Institute. Monthly Appreciation Awards are an opportunity for colleagues to highlight an individual outstanding act, and annual Whitehead Spirit Awards recognize consistent exceptional service throughout the year.


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Amazing research depends on amazing people — Faculty, postdocs, graduate students, staff, and administration — all working together. Below are links to the stories of people who make Whitehead Institute such a singular place to work. 

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