Whitehead Institute Director David C. Page is informed and supported by strong leadership from the Institute’s Board of Directors, its Faculty, Fellows, Board of Advisory Scientists, and a team of administrators.


Board of Directors

Chaired by Charles D. Ellis, the Institute’s Board of Directors plays a vital governance role. The Board’s 15 active members participate on a variety of working committees throughout the year and meet quarterly as a full body.



Ask a visiting scientist to describe Whitehead Institute, and two themes emerge immediately: the exceptional quality of the scientific staff and the uniquely collaborative culture—an ethos that encourages researchers at every level to share new ideas and benefit from the insights and experience of their colleagues. The key to this combination of excellence and accessibility is, of course, the faculty.


Whitehead Fellows

Designed to nurture future leaders in science, the Whitehead Fellows program provides a handful of exceptionally talented young scientists the rare opportunity to set up an independent research program as an alternative to a traditional postdoctoral position.


Board of Advisory Scientists

A world-class group of scientists provides valuable third-party perspective on Whitehead’s current and future research programs.



A team of professionals ensures that the Institute’s resources and operations are optimized to support Whitehead’s core scientific mission.

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