Founding Faculty

As Whitehead Institute’s first Director, David Baltimore handpicked the Founding Members.

From the ranks of renowned MIT scientists, he selected Harvey F. Lodish and Robert A. Weinberg. He attracted genetics pioneer Gerald R. Fink from Cornell University; and from Hamburg, Germany, he recruited Rudolf Jaenisch, a world leader in the young field of transgenic science.

Together with Jack Whitehead and the Institute's Associate Director John Pratt, these first Whitehead “partners in discovery” would create a bold new experiment. They worked with architects to design a physical environment ideal for leading edge science; identified promising younger scientists who would become the first generation of Whitehead Members; and established the Whitehead Fellows Program, a unique vehicle for accelerating the careers of the world’s most promising young investigators.

Gerald Fink

Founding Member Gerald Fink

Rudolf Jaenisch

Founding Member Rudolf Jaenisch

Harvey Lodish

Founding Member Harvey Lodish

Robert Weinberg

Founding Member Robert Weinberg

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